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Beaulieu Woven Groundcover  

Agrolys wh100 is used for reflecting sun light in orchards and nurseries. It is permeable, allowing water and nutrients to pass through. Due to its white reflective properties, it will not draw or radiate the sun's heat. The growth of the flower/plant and the coloring of the fruit is stimulated due to the reflection of the light. Use of reflective groundcover enhances the exposure to sunlight and influences the flower/plant/fruit quality. 

Product   information
Beaulieu Woven Groundcover  
Weight 100 g/m2
Standard Width
330-415-515 cm
Water permeability
10 l/m2.sec
UV guarantee
16720 ≈ 400 MJ/m2   - kLy 

  1. Beaulieu Woven Ground cover is divided into white, black, green three colors, water seepage is uniform, can prevent soil erosion, 100 grams of ground cover per second per square meter water seepage is 10 liters (10L/ m 2/S).
  2. The ground cover itself has grid lines, and the potted things on the ground cover can be arranged neatly for easy operation.
  3. White ground cover has 75% reflective function, suitable for even lighting of blue plum, small tomato and other plants, it can reasonably absorb light, make fruit color, plump and increase yield.
  4. Long service life, generally used in the greenhouse, the warranty period can reach 7-8 years, outdoor general warranty period up to 5 years (except high altitude areas).
  5. The conventional width of ground cover weighing 100 grams is 4.15m, 5.15m and 100m in length. 200 grams of ground cover can be fixed, splicing production.

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