Cheap greenhouses for types of hydroponics growing systems

Black ground fabric for greenhouse

Ground fabric for sea of green hydroponics  in  smart greenhouse
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groundcovers block the light, but allow water and air to pass between the soil and the atmosphere They help to provide more food to plants, and thus protect plants and crops from competitive weeds YG groundcovers also eliminate the need for herbicides

Product   information
Beaulieu Woven Groundcover  
Weight 100 g/m2
Standard Width
330-415-515 cm
Water permeability
10 l/m2.sec
UV guarantee
16720 ≈ 400 MJ/m2   - kLy 

  1. No light transmission, prevent weeds from growing, save artificial weeding, make the environment beautiful, prevent soil nutrients from being absorbed by weeds.
  2. High strength, self-propelled picking cart and medium equipment can be used on the ground cover.
  3. Long service life, generally used in the greenhouse, the warranty period can reach 7-8 years, outdoor general warranty period up to 5 years (except high altitude areas).
  4. The conventional width of ground cover weighing 100 grams is 4.15m, 5.15m and 100m in length. 200 grams of ground cover can be fixed, splicing production.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.