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All black sun screen for commercial cannabis greenhouses

Blackout greenhouse light deprivation net for growing marijuana
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All black sun screen



The closed-light insulation screen is particularly suitable for sensitive plants that require photoperiod regulation, such as chrysanthemums; the special structure of its double-layer material can achieve a light transmittance of less than 0.1%. The light radiation is reflected by the aluminum foil on the surface of the shading curtain, and the light and dark phase can prevent unnecessary light from gathering. Although it is made of double-layer materials, the closed light curtain can still be folded into a small size to ensure that the crop gets the maximum light when it is opened. With good water permeability, no condensation water droplets will form on the bottom of the curtain.

Function: Energy - saving heat preservation, control optical cycle

Model and parameters:

Product name


Shading rate

Uv light transmittance

Energy saving rate

Weaving arrangement

Inside blackout and energy-saving screen AIS99A





Allaluminum -black 

Inside blackout and energy-saving screen AIS99P





All black 

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