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What is hydroponics agriculture
1. Introduction

Hydroponic vegetable refers to the vegetable that most of the root system grows in the nutrient solution layer and only provides water, nutrient and oxygen through the nutrient solution, which is different from the vegetables cultivated under the traditional soil cultivation method. Hydroponic vegetables have a short growth cycle and are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body.

The most common hydroponic vegetables are leafy vegetables, which are easy to manage. In addition to some leafy vegetables, there are also some fruit and vegetable vegetables that can also be hydroponics, such as cucumbers, melons, tomatoes and so on.

2. Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a kind of soilless culture, classified into non-substrate cultivation. Substrate-free cultivation type refers to the environment where the plant roots grow without substrate to fix the root system. The root system grows in nutrient solution or humid air containing nutrient solution, but when raising seedlings Some matrices may be used. Hydroponics refers to the soilless culture (Water Culture, Solution Culture) in which most of the roots of plants grow directly in the nutrient solution layer. Mainly include: Nutrient Film Technique (NET, Nutrient Film Technique), where plants are planted on a 1-2cm thick shallow nutrient solution layer that continuously circulates; Deep Flow Technique (DFT, Deep Flow Technique), nutrition The depth of the liquid layer is at least 4-5cm, the deepest is 8-10cm, and sometimes even deeper. The nutrient solution circulates at a set frequency; FCH (Floating Capillary Hydroponics), in the deeper (5-6cm) nutrient solution A piece of foam covered with a non-woven fabric is placed in the liquid layer, and the root system grows on the wet non-woven fabric.

Characteristics of hydroponic vegetables

1. The root system is mainly milky white capillary root to absorb water and nutrition;

2. The root system adapts to the aquatic environment, and there are some aerial roots around it to absorb oxygen;

3. Short growth cycle and early listing.

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