Multi-span Venlo glass greenhouse
Dehumidification measures for tomato cultivation in winter and spring in Greenhouse
1. Ventilation.

    It is the simplest way to reduce humidity by removing moisture and changing it into dry air. It is necessary to deal with the relationship between heat preservation and humidity reduction.

2. Select high quality non dripping film.
  high quality drip free film can overcome the disadvantages of a large number of water droplets in the film, significantly reduce the humidity, and has good light transmission performance, which is conducive to increasing temperature and reducing humidity.

3. Plastic film covering.

   Plastic film mulching can greatly reduce the evaporation of ground water, reduce the number of irrigation, thus reducing the relative humidity of the air.

4. Drip irrigation under mulch.

   Drip irrigation under plastic film combines the common advantages of plastic film mulching and drip irrigation, and is an effective measure to reduce the humidity in greenhouse. The method is to raise the ridge on the ground, then put drip irrigation pipe in the middle of the ridge, and then cover it with plastic film.

   5. Dust method and smoke method.

When spraying in the shed, the conventional spraying method will add humidity in the greenhouse, which will be harmful to the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to use the smoke method.

   Farmers who grow greenhouse tomatoes must not let the greenhouse be too wet in autumn and winter to prevent diseases

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