Multi-span Venlo glass greenhouse
Introduction to the shading system in the greenhouse
     The internal shading system can improve the ecological environment in the greenhouse by adjusting the light

In summer, when the indoor temperature rises to a certain value, it can reflect part of the sunlight according to different shading rates and diffuse the sunlight into the room to achieve the purpose of cooling; closing the inner shading curtain can reduce the temperature of the greenhouse by 4~6℃ to reduce the indoor The required temperature.

On the contrary, at night in winter, closing the inner shading screen can effectively prevent infrared rays from escaping. When the greenhouse or indoor temperature at night drops to the set low temperature limit, close the inner shading screen to strengthen the greenhouse's heat preservation and reduce the loss of ground radiant heat. , Reduce heating energy consumption, greatly reduce the operating cost of the greenhouse; In the daytime, the inner shading curtain can be opened to make the greenhouse full of light. The system is controlled by a separate motor.

The inner shading screen is equipped with an inner shading system under the gutter in the greenhouse. The inner shading material adopts aluminum foil shading screen, which is made of 4mm wide aluminum foil and polyester material woven by high-strength polyester yarn. The special aluminum foil and polyester give outstanding radiation reflection and transmission functions, so as to ensure that the indoor temperature during the day is low and the energy-saving effect is very good. The temperature of the crop at night is basically the same as the ambient temperature. Good indoor climate conditions avoid leaf condensation, reduce diseases, and reduce energy costs.

The woven structure of the aluminum foil shade screen allows sufficient water vapor to pass through and prevents condensation at the bottom of the screen; because the screen is a high-strength anti-ultraviolet, anti-static product, it can remain clean and effective after many years of use. The UV stabilizer added in the material is resistant to chemicals commonly used in greenhouses.
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