Multi-span Venlo glass greenhouse
Introduction to circulation fan

In addition to the main structure of modern greenhouse, various supporting equipment should be configured according to the situation to meet the different production needs. Among them, a very important one is the ventilation system. Ventilation system includes two kinds of natural ventilation system and set exhaust fan system. Rely on the natural ventilation system is a way of greenhouse ventilation and room temperature regulation, which can be divided into three ways: top window ventilation, side window ventilation and top and side window ventilation. The exhaust fan is generally placed in the wall or window of the leeward side of the greenhouse in summer. The circulating fan is installed in the middle air of the greenhouse in a certain direction.

The function of the circulation fan is to increase the fluidity of the indoor air, so that the air reaches the circulation circulation, and greatly improve the indoor air environment. At present, it is widely used in greenhouse, flowers and other industries. Our company's special greenhouse circulation fan, especially customized for the greenhouse environment, has the following advantages: 1. High temperature and humidity resistant environment, made of stainless steel material, beautiful external, safe use; Second, energy saving, compared with the same type of products at home and abroad to save energy consumption of more than 30%; 3. Equipped with new suspension fasteners, stable operation and stable wind direction; Four, low noise

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