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How to solve the greenhouse film dripping problem?
How to solve the greenhouse film dripping problem
The problem of dripping from the greenhouse film is solved with two tricks:

Dripping water in the greenhouse is often encountered in winter. Sometimes it is like a light rain in the greenhouse, dripping everywhere, if it drips on the plants, it will cause a variety of diseases. The greenhouse film dripping creates conditions for pests and diseases.

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In addition, the condensation of water in the greenhouse increases the humidity inside the greenhouse, which is also conducive to the occurrence of most moisture-loving diseases. Especially in continuous cloudy weather, the temperature in the shed is low and the humidity is high. Condensation reduces the light transmittance of the film by 20% to 30%, and absorbs a large amount of heat in the greenhouse, which increases the temperature in the greenhouse.

So, how can we solve the problem of dripping water from vegetable greenhouses in winter?
1. Use non-drip film
It is recommended to use high-quality non-drip film. Although the one-time investment on the film increases, there is less dripping, less humidity, less disease, less spraying, high vegetable yield, good quality, and higher returns.
Our company provides polytunnel film with permanent anti-fog and anti-drip function, which can solve the short time problem of PE film anti-drip function.
2. Spray silicone
Silicone is a kind of spreading agent, the water on the canopy film will slide down after encountering it, and will not condense into water droplets, so that there is no raindrop.

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