Multi-span Venlo glass greenhouse
What is intelligent greenhouse? How much do you know about intelligent greenhouse?

With the rapid development of facility gardening, intelligent greenhouses (usually referred to as smart greenhouses or modern greenhouses) have emerged. It is an advanced type of facility agriculture and has a comprehensive environmental control system that can directly adjust indoor temperature and light. Many factors, such as water, fertilizer, gas, etc., can achieve high-yield, steadily fine vegetables and flowers throughout the year with good economic benefits.

What is intelligent greenhouse?

Smart greenhouses are also called automated greenhouses. They are equipped with computer-controlled movable skylights, shading systems, heat preservation, wet curtains/fan cooling systems, sprinkler irrigation systems or drip irrigation systems, mobile seedbeds and other automated facilities, based on the agricultural greenhouse environment High-tech "smart" greenhouse. The control of the intelligent greenhouse generally consists of three parts: a signal acquisition system, a central computer, and a control system.

The advantage of the intelligent greenhouse is that it can realize production all year round, is not affected by the climate environment, and can realize intelligent management and control.

The smart greenhouse is equipped with a variety of climate control systems:

The external shading system can block ultraviolet rays and sunlight for the greenhouse.
The internal shading system can effectively block ultraviolet rays from entering the greenhouse, and at the same time can slow the loss of heat inside the greenhouse.
There are also facilities such as a wet curtain fan cooling system, a natural ventilation system, and an intelligent mobile sprinkler irrigation machine inside the smart greenhouse. The entire crop production process can greatly reduce the labor input and achieve efficient production.
A smart agricultural Internet of Things system is installed inside the greenhouse. This system can monitor and control various supporting systems in the greenhouse through a mobile phone and a computer, and can see the environment in the greenhouse in real time. Then it issued instructions to realize the opening and closing of the greenhouse, ventilation and cooling, supplementary lighting, soil moisture, irrigation and fertilization, etc., to provide a suitable growth environment for crops.

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