Multi-span Venlo glass greenhouse
Two kinds of cultivation troughs for growing tomato in the greenhouse

Recommend 2 cultivation troughs

The cultivation tank for the greenhouse is supported or hung on the ground to ensure ventilation between the crops. Different heights can also provide a good environment for the planting operation of workers. At the same time, excess water and fertilizer are returned through the tanks on both sides to achieve the purpose of water and fertilizer recycling, and ultimately improve plant yield and quality

The cultivation tank adopts cold-formed industry to extrude the fluorocarbon sprayed steel plate into a linear groove shape, the thickness is generally 0.6mm or 0.7mm, the forming width is greater than 210mm, and the length can be customized. It has the characteristics of high processing efficiency, high weather resistance, prevention of nutrient solution erosion, etc., can keep the trace elements of the irrigation water source pure, has a long service life, effectively saves the planting area and is easy to operate.

What should be paid attention to when choosing a cultivation trough?
1. Grasp the structure of the greenhouse itself. Choose the right length. Reasonably plan and arrange the layout of the greenhouse planting trough to maximize the planting area.
2. The choice of the size and shape of the cultivation tank depends on the ease of operation between different crops.
3. Choose a cultivation box with no joints to avoid water leakage when the drainage groove is connected.
4. Choose a cultivation tank with good drainage effect and not easy to be blocked. Save more time and cost.
5. Good anti-corrosion performance and high strength are also key factors to ensure the service life of the planting tank

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