Multi-span Venlo glass greenhouse
How to choose a greenhouse manufacturer/supplier during coronavirus (COVID-19) period
While the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact activity around the world, people all over the world are trying their best of promoting production and protecting people’s livelihood on the basis of strict prevention and control of the COVID-19.
First of all, allow me congratulations to one of our customer in Africa is nearly finished the installation of the Muti-span film greenhouses by himself, a video from the customer as following:

Secondly, those greenhouses are designed, fabricated and sold by us, how he set up the greenhouse without we dispatch a technician for guiding at site?
1, We supply the detailed installation instruction manual.
2, We answered the questions in time during the set up, we have our team to working on the after-service issues on China time 8am to 11pm.
3, We check the details from the photos which customer sent us, and ask customer to correct it if there is any not correct.
4, The customer can read the drawing.
5, The customer read carefully of the installation manual before the each step of the installation, and prepare all the materials one day or two days before the installation according our material list.
6, The customer can get the team for civil engineering installation, greenhouse structure installation and hydroponic growing system.

7, The customer shares the progress of installation to the supplier, the supplier response in time.

Thirdly, how to choose a greenhouse manufacturer during coronavirus (COVID-19) period?
1, The manufacturer has their expert team to service you, you can get feedback from the supplier in time if you have any question on the greenhouse or hydroponic growing project whenever before buy period, in buying period or after buying period.
2, The manufacturer should consider the climate of the project site and have rich design experience for various types of greenhouses.
3, The manufacturer has their own farm, fabricating factory and demo greenhouse.
4, The manufacturer would like to make different design of greenhouse or hydroponic system base on your budget.
5, The manufacturer can dispatch their on-site technician to support the installation if customer ask for, of course, this is chargeable.
6, The manufacturer has an option of guide the set up of greenhouse of online, please see details upward of ‘how he set up the greenhouse without we dispatch a technician for guiding at site?’.
Finally, I would like to make a brief introduction of our company, Xiamen Wellgain Greenhouse Engineering Ltd. Co. from China, a-15-year experienced in greenhouse designing, fabricating and construction company, we have our own farm overing an area of more than 20 acres, we warm welcome you to contact us if you have any issue on the greenhouse project, hydroponic growing system and Family hydroponic gardening system, we looooking forward to hearing from you, my friends.

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