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The importance of greenhouse ventilation design

Greenhouse is an important part of modern agriculture, and greenhouse ventilation is an important link in greenhouse production and management. Good ventilation can continuously supplement the carbon dioxide needed by plants for photosynthesis, which can better promote photosynthesis and thus promote the growth of crops. At the same time, it can adjust the air composition of greenhouse, eliminate harmful gases, improve the content of CO2 in indoor air, and make crops grow well.

Plants need the right temperature and humidity to grow. At the same time, the greenhouse needs a ventilation system to regulate and control indoor temperature and humidity to provide a suitable environment for plant growth

Generally, the greenhouse ventilation system is divided into natural ventilation and forced ventilation.

The so-called natural ventilation is through the opening of the greenhouse side window or the roof window. Make use of the difference of temperature or wind pressure inside and outside the greenhouse, realize the convection of air inside and outside the greenhouse, reduce the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse.

(Our company provides a variety of ventilation system design, roof row teeth window, roof winding film window, winding film window on four sides, etc.)

The so-called forced ventilation is through the fan to let the air inside and outside the greenhouse convection, regulating the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse.

(Big fan and wet pads can help cool down the temperature and the circulation fan cans help circulate the air)


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