NFT PVC hydroponic system
Hydroponics refers to soilless culture in which most roots of plants grow directly in the nutrient liquid layer

There are two main types of hydroponic grow system

1.The plants were planted on a 1-2cm thick layer of shallow nutrient solution that circulated continuously.

The PVC trough produced by our company is 100*50, and the bottom is designed with a diversion layer, so that water can flow evenly at the bottom of PVC. Each leafy vegetable's root system has access to the nutrient solution.

2.    The depth of the nutrient solution layer is at least 4-5cm, the deepest 8-10cm, and sometimes even deeper. The nutrient solution circulates according to the set frequency.

Our company provides PVC deep liquid culture and foam box solution culture, which can meet the needs of different climate areas

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