NFT PVC hydroponic system
Hydroponic substrate - Rockwool cubes for hydroponic agriculture

Production process for rockwool cubes

  • Rockwool is a natural product that is made from volcanic rock (better known as basalt)
  • The production process, comparable to a volcanic eruption, takes place at a temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius
The rockwool manufacturing process

Rockwool cubes benefits for drain water recycling

  • nert and sodium free product
  • Does not lock up or release any substances, increasing nutrient availability to the plant.
  • Easy to control and steer the growth of the crop.
  • Achieving higher yields than in soil-bound cultivation.
  • Reuse of drain water is possible less natural resources needed.
  • Rockwool cubes can be recycled.

Soil-bound greenhouse growing yields approximately 20kg of tomatoes per square meter

Yields on GRODAN substrates in greenhouses, can reach up to approximately 65 kg of tomatoes per square meter

GRODAN rockwool cubes substrate is the only growing medium used in professional tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper and eggplant production to be awarded the EU Ecolabel


For example, for each 1KG of tomato produced, the water requirement for outdoor cultivation is 60L, that for hydroponic cultivation in greenhouse facilities (if the water is not recycled) is 22L, and that for hydroponic cultivation in greenhouse facilities (water recycling) is 10L



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