NFT PVC hydroponic system
Ship the container for EBB and Flow table within 10 days

Location: Indonesia

Product Name: Ebb and Flow Moveable Seedbed

Quantity: 1.53*24 meters, 24 beds

Production cycle: 10 days


Urgently go to your owner for hydroponic nursery system. We have raw materials and some parts also in stock, the nursery bed in this container was finished in 10 days, thanks client transfer the payment to us in time.

Hydroponic Table Ebb and Flow ebb and flow tables ebb and flow tables growing greenhouse benches

Ebb and Flow Moveable Seedbed Introduction:
Ebb and Flow Moveable Seedbed use ABS edible grade material, surrounded by aluminum alloy frame, beautiful design.
Ebb and Flow irrigation system is an irrigation method of bottom water supply, which uses the principle of drop to realize regular water supply and fertilization. Ebb and Flow Moveable seedbed can not only use the way of tidal irrigation to realize the timed water and fertilizer for potted flowers and container seedlings, which improves the utilization rate of water and fertilizer, but also has the characteristic of moving about 30 cm, which improves the utilization rate of planting area in the greenhouse.

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