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Ebb and flow hydroponics table

Flood and drain hydroponic system for greenhouse nursery
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Ebb and flow rolling bench

  • Ebb and Flow system is a form of hydroponics that is known for its simplicity, reliability of operation and low initial investment cost.
  • Seedling Nursery Beds use a flood and drain process to hydrate the growing media from beneath before draining the excess moisture away.
  • The flooding cycle forces stale air out of the air filled porosity in the growing media and then sucks fresh air back into the media on the drain cycle.
  • Ebb and Flow complete grow systems have been proven to be extremely effective over time and require very low maintenance and are easy-to-use. 

Product name
Greenhouse ebb and flow rolling/fixed bench
Seedling tray
 ABS tidal seedling tray, UV protective
(Splicing tray)
 table width
(2.33ft (0.711m); 3ft (0.914m); 4ft (1.22m); 5ft (1.53m); 5.5ft (1.7m); 5.83ft (1.78m)
we can do any length based on above width
Complete table size
4ft x 8ft(1.22mX2.44m)
5.5ft x 14.6ft(1.7mX4.45m)
Table height
standard is 70cm(can adjust 8-10cm), customized other height
 Rolling range
Around 25-30cm from middle to each side
Product features
The frame is made of aluminum alloy, beautiful, light weight, corrosion resistance and high efficiency of greenhouse
Product accessories 
It consists of ABS tidal seedling tray, rolling shaft, door frame, aluminum alloy frame, handwheel, horizontal support, diagonal pull rod and so on

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