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Strawberry in greenhouse needs a lot of water. How to water it correctly

Strawberry is a fruit with large water demand, especially planted in greenhouse. It usually needs correct irrigation from seedling growth period to fruit bearing period to make the soil contain sufficient water. However, the requirements for water quantity are completely different in different periods. For example, after flowering, the field humidity should be maintained at about 70%, and the proportion should be increased in the fruit expansion period. So how to water the strawberries in the greenhouse?

First of all, we should master the correct watering time. It usually needs to be carried out in the afternoon on a sunny day. In case of snow and rain, there is no need to water. Otherwise, the environmental humidity in the greenhouse is too high, which is easy to produce diseases. It should not be watered at noon, especially in the flowering period, which will interfere with normal pollination, and the fruits are easy to be deformed. After entering the full flowering period, the daily watering amount should be controlled and the intensity of ventilation should be restrained, otherwise it is easy to cause bad pollination and fertilization.

In the greenhouse, the roots of strawberries are usually shallow, but the leaf area is large. They like a humid climate. The amount of irrigation should not be too much, otherwise it is easy to cause the root to be unable to breathe freely, it is easy to rot and blacken, and finally the whole plant dies. Drip irrigation can be adopted with small investment, which can reduce labor and bring fertilizer while watering. This irrigation method can effectively improve the humidity, reduce the occurrence of diseases, improve the surface temperature, maintain the normal permeability of soil and promote the development of roots.

The management after irrigation is also very important. Usually, you can check the weather forecast before irrigation. If it rains continuously in the next few days, the greenhouse can be closed after watering and ventilated after the temperature rises. There are several precautions about watering strawberries. Control the water temperature, especially in winter. If the water temperature is too low, it will affect the fruit development and quality. It is best to keep it at about 25 degrees.

Farmers with conditions can prepare a reservoir aside to store irrigation water at ordinary times. It is also necessary to master the irrigation amount. The temperature in the film greenhouse is relatively constant and the evaporation is not large. It is easy to pour too much, resulting in root asphyxia. Especially in winter, the ventilation time is relatively short, and the method of small water frequent pouring can be adopted. At the beginning of flowering and fruit setting, fertilizer can be added while watering, which can not only meet the water demand of crops, but also improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.
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