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How to watering strawberry in greenhouse
Strawberry likes warm and cool climate:

Strawberry root system growth temperature is 5-30℃, suitable temperature is 15-22℃, the suitable temperature for stem and leaf growth is 20-30℃, buds will be frozen at -15-10℃, the temperature of flower bud differentiation period must be kept at 5-15℃, and the flower will bear fruit 4-40 ℃. In summer, when the temperature is higher than 30℃ and the sunshine is strong, shading measures should be taken.

Strawberry is a light-loving plant, but it has strong shade tolerance:
When the light is strong, the plant is short and strong, the fruit is small, the color is dark, and the quality is good.
Medium light, big fruit, light color, low sugar content, longer harvest period.
Too weak light is not good for strawberry growth.
Strawberry's watering requirements:
Strawberry has a shallow root system, a large amount of transpiration, and at different growth periods the water requirements slightly different. Strawberries are not tolerant to waterlogging.
The correct watering time:
usually it is necessary to choose to do it in the afternoon on a sunny day. If it snows or rains, it is not necessary to water, otherwise the environmental humidity in the greenhouse is too high and it is easy to cause disease.
Water should not be watered at noon, especially when the flowering period is approaching, it will interfere with normal pollination, and the grown fruits are prone to deformities. After entering the blooming period, the daily watering amount should be controlled, and the strength of the wind should be converged, otherwise it is easy to cause poor pollination and fertilization.

In the greenhouse, the root system of strawberry is usually shallow, but the leaf area is larger, and it likes a humid climate. The amount of irrigation should not be too much, otherwise the roots will not be able to breathe freely, it will be easy to rot and blacken, and finally the whole plant will die.

Drip tape irrigation can be used, and fertilizer can be added at the same time as watering. This irrigation method can effectively improve the humidity, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and at the same time increase the surface temperature, maintain the normal air permeability of the medium, and promote the development of the root system.
Management after irrigation is also very important. You can usually check the weather forecast before irrigation. If it rains continuously in the next few days, you can seal the greenhouse after watering and wait for the temperature to rise before ventilating.
Regarding watering the strawberries, there is one more thing to pay attention to. Control the temperature of the water, especially in winter. If the water temperature is too low, it will affect the development and quality of the fruit. It is best to keep it at about 25 degrees.
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