Multi-span Venlo glass greenhouse
Ebb and flow irrigation system and its working principle
Ebb and flow system is a kind of bottom irrigation method designed for containers or matrix blocks such as flowerpots and trays, which is suitable for fruit and vegetable seedling and cultivation.

It is mainly composed of cultivation bed, nutrient solution circulation part (supply and return pipeline, nutrient solution storage pool, circulating water pump, disinfection equipment, etc.), control part and plant cultivation carrier (substrate block or cultivation container).

When the tidal irrigation system is running, the nutrient solution overflows from the water inlet of the cultivation bed (called "rising tide"). When the liquid level reaches a certain height, the nutrient solution infiltrates the substrate from the bottom of the container and is absorbed by the capillary action of the substrate for the cultivation crops to absorb and use. When the irrigation is completed, the nutrient solution is discharged from the backwater outlet of the cultivation bed (called "ebb tide")

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