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Description of PP trough material
Main material of the PP Hydroponics Growing Trough : PP (polypropylene), and a certain proportion of PE and anti-UV agents are added.
PP English name: Polypropylene, a food packaging grade material, non-toxic, no mechanical impurities.
It is a high-density, non-side chain linear polymer with excellent comprehensive properties.
PP uses high-purity propylene as the main raw material and ethylene as the comonomer. It uses a highly active catalyst to produce polypropylene powder through a gas-phase reaction at a pressure of 62℃~80℃ and below 4.0MPa and then is dried, mixed, and extruded. Pressing, granulating, sieving, and homogenizing into polypropylene granules.
The density is 0.90 g/cm3~0.92g/cm3, which is one of the lightest general-purpose plastic materials.
Polypropylene resin has excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance, as well as excellent chemical stability.
It does not absorb water, has no effect on contact with most chemicals, and is corrosion-resistant.
Adding a certain proportion of PE (polyethylene) is mainly to increase the toughness of the PP Growing Trough For Tomato.
The main purpose of adding anti-UV agents is to increase the aging performance of the PP trough.
The thickness of the PP Coconut chaff  trough  drainage collection system is about 0.75mm, and the middle width and the height of both sides are produced according to requirements.
During the installation and operation of the PP trough, the ambient temperature is generally required to be above 15℃, and the normal use temperature range after installation is 0℃~75℃.

The normal service life of the pp trough is 5 years (without external damage factors).

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