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PP Soilless Growing Cocopeat Trough

Modern growing solutions-large plastic trough planters for hydroponic farming
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Name:PP planting trough for hydroponic growing medium


* Material: Polypropylene (PP)
* Size: height:6.5CM,17CM,20CM;  width and length can be customized

* Thickness:0.8mm

Polypropylene (PP) :Polypropylene, which is a food-packaging grade material, is non-toxic and also free from mechanical impurities.The thickness of vegetable trough is 0.8±0.05mm, and the middle width and the height of both sides are produced according to the requirements.A certain proportion of PE (polyethylene) is added mainly to increase the toughness of the matrix groove for soilless farming.The main purpose of adding anti-UV agent is to improve the anti-aging performance of outdoor trough planters.

Advantage :

* Food contact grade material, environmental protection and safety
* Multiple widths and heights are customizable
* You can choose whether to recover the nutrient solution or not

Three planting methods

PP drainage collection trough + planting bag

PP drainage collection trough +PP planting trough

PP planting trough (nutrient solution is not collected and recovered)

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