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Why are Dutch greenhouses mostly Venlo greenhouses?

Friends engaged in modern agriculture must be familiar with Dutch greenhouses. The fully automated glass greenhouses in the Netherlands are often called the most advanced planting equipment in the agricultural field. In China’s greenhouses, tomato production is 10 to 15 kg per square meter, but the Netherlands can reach 70 to 80 kg. How did the Netherlands do it? This is inseparable from his advanced Dutch greenhouse technology.

Some friends may say that I also know that the Dutch greenhouse technology is advanced, but its cost of tens of millions of dollars makes me only think about it. If it is used, the input-output ratio is not high. In fact, this problem does exist. Today, I will take you to the Dutch greenhouses to learn how the most advanced fully automatic glass greenhouses are designed and constructed.

1.The composition of the Dutch automatic glass greenhouse system

The appearance style of the patterned glass greenhouse is three spires, the top is covered with high-transmitting diffuse reflection glass, and the surrounding is covered with glass. The frame of the greenhouse adopts hot dip galvanizing and plastic coating process, assembly structure process, and the main body of the greenhouse has one investment and service life It will be more than thirty years. The Dutch glass greenhouse adopts a unique climate control system tailor-made for specific planting varieties, and the single area of the greenhouse will develop towards a large area

In addition to the frame system of the glass greenhouse, it also includes the internal environmental control system, planting system, logistics system, heating system, and irrigation system.

2.The advantages of the Dutch fully automated glass greenhouse

*Optimum growing climate conditions

The glass greenhouse will provide the most suitable growing climatic conditions for the growing tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, etc. In winter, there will be gas heating equipment, and the heat dissipation pipes will be installed by picking rail cars and hanging columns. In summer, there are natural ventilation systems and high-pressure spray systems to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity.

*Efficient soilless cultivation and planting mode

Greenhouse growers in the Netherlands use agricultural rock wool or coconut health as the planting carrier to avoid soil-borne diseases and insect pests. Therefore, the vegetables grown are less pesticides, higher quality and safer. At the same time, the planting greenhouse is only responsible for planting, and there is a professional nursery to provide them with large seedlings, shortening the seedling time and improving the production cycle.

*Accurate water and fertilizer integration equipment

Water and fertilizer integration technology is a new agricultural technology that integrates irrigation and fertilization. The soluble solid or liquid fertilizer is mixed with the irrigation water according to the nutrient content of the soil and the fertilizer law and characteristics of the crop type. Drip irrigation integrates water and fertilizer, and directly transports the fertilizer needed by the crop to the roots of the plant with the water, which greatly improves the utilization rate of fertilizer, can reduce the fertilizer consumption by 50%, and the water volume is only 30%-40% of furrow irrigation. . The switch of water and fertilizer is realized by the data analysis of the sensor and the computer to control the switch of the solenoid valve.

* Carbon dioxide concentration management

The Dutch greenhouse production is equipped with a carbon dioxide humidification system, which can maintain the carbon dioxide concentration in the greenhouse at about 900 μmol/mol and increase the output by more than 30%. Carbon dioxide is produced by heating in natural gas boilers and is an accessory to greenhouse heating.

* Automated environmental control system

After decades of data accumulation and development, various temperature, humidity, light, and carbon dioxide concentration monitoring points are set up inside the greenhouse to collect data from the outdoor weather station. After being sent to the computer and analyzed, it will automatically control shading, ventilation, shading, heating and cooling. As well as the start and stop of the planting system, only human monitoring is required, which completely changes the situation of relying on experience instead of data.

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