NFT PVC hydroponic system
Quanzhou's largest intelligent temperature-controlled single greenhouse hydroponic vegetables are on the market!
After more than half a year of construction, the Xiamen Wellgain Greenhouse Company Ecological Agricultural Farm in Weishan Town finally achieved the first batch of vegetable picking in February this year.
As the largest single smart greenhouse in our city, it’s cultivated hydroponic vegetables are sent to major supermarkets in Yongchun to provide citizens with more high-quality and safer green food.

In a hydroponic greenhouse covering an area of more than 20 acres in Helin Village, Shengshan Town. There are green and tender vegetables all over the eyes, such as Shanghai green, butter lettuce, Guangdong cabbage and other varieties. The leaves are thick and uniform, and they are neatly planted in each cultivation trough, it grows quickly by the flowing nutrient solution. A batch of fresh, clean, well-growing green vegetables ushered in the harvest.

At the early stage of hydroponic vegetables, they need to be sown in a substrate composed of coconut chaff, turfy soil, perlite and other organic ingredients, cultivated in an intelligent nursery house, and then transplanted to the growing troughs of hydroponic greenhouse until they grow into seedlings of a certain height.
In addition, the whole greenhouse is covered with ground cloth to prevent adult worms producting eggs into the ground in the greenhouse, preventing the worm eggs from hatching in the soil and causing harm, at the same time, UV disinfection lights are placed in the nutrient solution tank to reduce the spread of pests and diseases at the root source. Due to the proper prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, there is no need to spray any pesticides during the process of hydroponic vegetable growing. Coupled with the scientific and reasonable control of the intelligent fertilizer distribution system, constant pressure water supply system, and intelligent time control system, the hydroponic vegetables here are clean and flawless, with more juice, less crude fiber, the shelf life and storage period are longer than those of vegetables grown in traditional ways.

After adopting intelligent temperature-controlled greenhouses for hydroponic vegetables, in addition to seedling, transplantation, and harvesting, all aspects of hydroponic vegetables have been automated, which not only saves two-thirds of manpower, but also efficiently guarantees the yield and quality of vegetables, and deliver safer, fresher and greener vegetables to major supermarkets in Yongchun.

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