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The reason for the big price difference of PC board in polycarbonate greenhouse
Many customers feedback that the price of PC board is very different, we will analyze and explain from the aspects of raw materials, technology and so on.
1. Differences in raw materials: raw materials include imported raw materials, domestic raw materials and recycled materials. The price of different raw materials varies from 300$ to 1500$. Which leads directly to the difference in the price of finished goods.
2. . Thickness difference (specific gravity) : Thick plates use enough raw materials and cost is relatively high. Many manufacturers reduce raw materials, resulting in the thickness of the plate is not enough.
3. UV protection coating and its thickness: According to Beijing latitude, the annual loss of UV coating under outdoor UV irradiation is 3~5um.The 10 year co-extrusion UV-resistant coating on the surface of the plate shall not be less than 60 microns.
4. Mechanical equipment: Due to the limited technical level and equipment experience, domestic PC sunshine board and foreign products have certain differences in quality.

PC sunshine board quality is not the same, the price is not the same. At present, there are many different prices of sunshine board products on the market at all levels, but the sunshine board with different prices and different quality looks the same, no matter it is color, transparency, intensity, etc. It is difficult for the average consumer to discern the quality of their products. So for building a greenhouse must choose a reliable company.

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