NFT PVC hydroponic system
Smart greenhouse is becoming more and more popular

Mobile phone control or computer control is another convenient control method of agricultural Internet control system. Users can download the Internet system on smart phones in advance. Through mobile phones, users can remotely check the data of facilities and environment and the operation of equipment, and can also analyze data and manage flexibly. The control system of intelligent greenhouse is a scientific system of intelligent management of greenhouses. With the application of the system, it really realizes the modernization of agriculture and intelligent management, which is a necessary system for the development of modern agriculture. The intelligent monitoring system of the intelligent greenhouse can be connected with sensors to collect soil temperature, humidity, nutrient content, etc., to obtain crop growth conditions, and real-time control or automatic control of temperature control system and irrigation system according to parameter changes.

Intelligent greenhouse video monitoring system can remotely view the growth of crops in the greenhouse, the running status of horticultural equipment and the production of workers at any time and anywhere. With this "clairvoyant", managers can do remote easy monitoring, management of production operations. The intelligent control system can set the operating environmental conditions of all kinds of equipment in the greenhouse. When the environmental information reaches the pre-determined conditions, the relevant equipment in the greenhouse will be automatically started to save water, power and labor.

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