Greenhouse irrigation system
Plant nursery

Plant nursery

1.     Plant nursery equipment

  • Seeding bench: We offer a variety of seeding bench, including moveable seeding bench, fixed seeding bench, ebb and flow nursery table, etc
  • Nursery machine: we have different models of equipment, according to the number of daily seedlings for selection
  • Irrigation: Mobile sprinkler irrigation or crane spraying
  • We also provide supplementary materials for seedling: such as rock wool, coconut bran, sponge, seeding tray, etc

2.    Plant nursery time

  • Different crops have different planting time, and different planting density has different planting time
  • For example, the seedling density of lettuce is 475 plants /m2 and 1120 plants /m2, etc., the density is different, and of course the seedling time is also different.
  • The seedling density of tomato is 50 plants /m2 and 475 plants /m2
  • Plant nursery time depends on the way of seedling.

3.     Plant nursery area

  • The area for seedling cultivation generally accounts for about 5% of the planting area, but it also depends on the seedling density selected by the customer

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