Greenhouse irrigation system
Hydroponic system

1.     Hydroponic cycle and yield

  • With different varieties, different management levels, different planting densities, and different planting durations, the hydroponics cycle and yield will vary greatly
  • For example, strawberries can be grown for four months a year in some areas, and for twelve months a year in some areas, so yields vary widely

2.     Advantages of soilless cultivation

  • Not affected by geographical location, soil, climate and other external factors, greatly improve the utilization rate of land.
  • There is no need for weeding, soil disinfection, etc., which can greatly save labor.
  • It can meet the requirements of temperature, light, water and nutrients to the maximum extent for different crop, which turn to pure green food
  • Nutrient solution can be recycled, save water, promote agricultural automation
  • Aerial planting has high production efficiency

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