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What is the control principle of smart greenhouse

How much do you know about the intelligent greenhouse engineering control system? Everyone who builds a china hydroponic greenhouse knows that when planting in a greenhouse, attention should be paid not only to irrigation and fertilization, but also to the temperature, humidity, and light in the shed, as well as to understand the indoor environment and to ventilate regularly. Therefore, a lot of manpower is required for actual planting in the greenhouse.

  The intelligent control system is a product specially designed for greenhouses. The greenhouse can realize functions such as automatic irrigation and fertilization, automatic constant temperature and humidity, and automatic ventilation. Through automatic control, manpower can be saved. So how does the intelligent greenhouse control system realize automatic control? What is the specific principle? Let me introduce to you.

   Regarding the principle of the greenhouse control system, we can give a few examples, such as the automatic control of the greenhouse. The system can monitor the temperature information of the greenhouse in real time through the room temperature sensor. When the temperature of the greenhouse is lower than the standard value, the system will automatically start the constant temperature system to adjust the temperature information of the greenhouse. When the room temperature reaches the standard value, the system will automatically close the constant temperature system.
In addition to controlling the smart greenhouse, there are also irrigation, fertilization, and ventilation. They are all the same principle. Soil moisture sensors monitor soil moisture information to realize automatic irrigation; use soil sensors to monitor soil nutrient information to realize automatic fertilization; use greenhouse carbon dioxide sensors to monitor greenhouse air quality and control automatic ventilation.
The above mainly introduces the control principle of the intelligent greenhouse, which is mainly used in the fields of automatic control of the agricultural greenhouse environment, high-tech agricultural demonstration projects, and agricultural scientific research and teaching.
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