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How to achieve the most favorable light conditions in the greenhouse?
As an important element of crop growth, light has always been the focus of attention of growers when considering key elements such as yield and quality. Many discussions in the industry include how to maximize the use of natural light, how to work hard from the top of the greenhouse glass to make crops more efficient in light use, and whether there are better use and combination of curtains, etc., are all around this topic, all for the sake of Provide the best growing conditions for crops.

This article will explain from which angles in the greenhouse can be considered to optimize the lighting conditions to maximize the light received by the crops.

In order to achieve the best and most favorable light conditions, you first need to focus on the development of your own greenhouse, analyze what kind of investment is the most ideal, and also need to consider the greenhouse itself and those that can be optimized and improved.
The first point that needs to be considered is how to maximize the use of the basic natural conditions in the greenhouse, that is, natural light. Optimum use of the gifts from nature is the first step of development in accordance with local conditions, so as to achieve more energy into the greenhouse under the most self-contained situation.

In addition to a good understanding of the local basic climate conditions, for the construction conditions of the greenhouse itself, if you want to increase the degree of light entering the greenhouse, you can think from the following aspects:

Different covering materials and coatings:

The use of this kind of covering products on the top of the greenhouse can effectively help the sunlight to be more evenly distributed in the greenhouse, not only on the horizontal surface, but also on the vertical surface, that is, reducing the light density on the top of the plant, so that the plant The light exposure at the bottom can also be increased, allowing crops to absorb energy in a more balanced manner for photosynthesis. Of course, in view of the different local climate and the relevant characteristics of the crops, there are coatings that can help isolate more excess heat inside the greenhouse in summer and prevent crops from high temperature or burns.

Optimization of the use of the curtain to maximize the entry of light:

As an indispensable part of greenhouse construction, screens can be installed, selected and used in combination, and growers can also work hard to achieve the optimal plan design for crop growth in the greenhouse, especially in the face of the changing seasons of the greenhouse. Challenges of different temperatures, humidity and radiation levels inside and outside. In recent years, various screen manufacturers have also invested a lot of energy in the research and development of the material of the screen, and strive to bring more convenience and combination advantages to the growers in the realization of the material and structure of the screen.

Clean up floating dust and green algae on the roof. In addition, in winter, the importance of light for crops in the greenhouse will be more prominent. Because the total amount of natural light is already very limited, it will become more difficult to collect enough light for crops from nature. At this time, the use of fill light is a natural choice.
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