NFT PVC hydroponic system
How to maintain greenhouse frame
The greenhouse skeleton is in the outside for a long time, under the influence of high temperature and humidity, the anti-corrosion ability of load-bearing parts is very important at this time, so it is very necessary to maintain the skeleton of the greenhouse at ordinary times, then, how to maintain the skeleton of the steel framework?
If the frame is bolted, check the bolt tightness frequently to prevent bolt loosening due to frequent use. If the skeleton is welded, check the spot for cracks, and repair the weld as soon as it is found. For some of the metal components without galvanized processing, should be regularly daub anti-rust paint, in order to extend the life of the structure.
The convex part of the steel skeleton or the whole skeleton should be wrapped with cloth to prevent the wear of the shed film. Use old cloth strips or non-woven cloth strips to wrap them on all the steel tube supports in the greenhouse, separate the steel tubes from the plastic greenhouse sheeting to avoid the contact between the green house film and the steel tube. At the same time, bind and fix the cloth strips with nylon rope to avoid the cloth strips falling off. This can prevent chafing damage, at the same time the steel tube will not accept the direct sun, which leads to high temperature, avoid the plastic greenhouse sheeting is hot wrinkle or fracture risk.

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