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Greenhouse fogging system

High pressure fog spray cooling system for hydroponics farm
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High pressure fogging system

  • The high-pressure spray device purifies and pressurizes the water, the pressure reaches 70KG, and the water is transported to the high-pressure nozzle through the pipeline, which turns the water mist into 3~30°m droplets, sprayed into the entire greenhouse, and adjusts the humidity of the greenhouse. At the same time, the atomization process absorbs a large amount of hot gas to cool the temperature.
  • The high-pressure spray has a rich amount of fog, and the fog point is very delicate, and no water drips or leaks when the machine stops.
  • The system can cooperate with the ventilation system, fan & wet curtain system and the circulation fan in the greenhouse to achieve the function of cooling and humidification.

product presentation :


Host standard configuration: automatic cycle time controller, full copper wire motor, motor overload protection, pump head, pressure regulator, pressure gauge, water tank, automatic water inlet, water shortage protection, etc.

  1.  Automatic water shortage protection to ensure the normal operation of the water pump and internal return pressure to ensure that the nozzle does not drip.
  2. Fully automatic time cycle control, with pressure regulating valve, adjustable pressure.
  3.  Easy to install, easy to use, fool-like design, no need for personnel to look after.
  4. There is a 40L water tank in the case, and an imported stainless steel liquid level sensor is installed inside the water tank, which has its own water protection.

Filtering system:

Two-stage inlet water filtration, which reduces the chance of clogging the atomizing nozzle.

Dual timing controller:

Realize timing switch, short-time intermittent timing spray.

Nozzle and accessories

High pressure pipe:

#1:High pressure PE pipe
#2:High pressure nylon tube
#3:High pressure copper tube
#4:Stainless steel pipe

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