Multi-span Venlo glass greenhouse
Introduction to hydroponic cultivation

1. Hydroponic equipment: the equipment is generally divided into pipeline type, three-dimensional nutrition membrane type, tidal type. For large-scale vegetables, cement tanks are generally planted and used to lay plastic. The cheapest is to put on the tank on the shelf. The cost is relatively high. Most of the pipelines are used in sightseeing agriculture. The advantages are beautiful, the nutrient solution is not easy to infect, and the disadvantages are not easy to clean. If the length is exceeded, itching measures are needed. The column type is required, The advantages of the nutrient liquid membrane type and tidal type are considered. The spatial utilization rate is the most efficient, the disadvantage cost is high, and the non experienced person is difficult to DIY. However, this is the most beautiful and the highest utilization space rate at present, and can rotate.

2. Nutrition solution: currently, most of the nutrient solutions are general formula, generally divided into three mother solutions, two of which are transparent solutions, one is that trace elements are mostly yellow brown or brown due to chelating iron. The high multiple of the three solutions cannot be mixed, because precipitation fails, so most of them are diluted with water first, and then configured together according to the standard multiple. Normally, it is light brown, a small amount or no white precipitation. If a large amount of precipitation occurs, dilution and stirring is insufficient, and the nutrient solution needs to be re mixed.

3. Seedlings: germinate to a true leaf, only clear water is used, and no nutrient solution is used. Once the cotyledon is out, it is necessary to reduce water and ventilate the light immediately. When no soil is available, it is necessary to prevent the length of the seedling and the most easily to grow. After a true leaf, it starts to add half concentration. EC can be accepted in 500-800. If it grows to 4 to 5 real leaves, it can be planted on the equipment. The standard concentration nutrient solution can be used
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