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How to grow strawberries in greenhouses? Summary of several key points of strawberry planting in greenhouse
 1.Selection of strawberry varieties in greenhouses

After years of development in our country’s strawberry market, our chief has to choose popular varieties, because popular varieties are some varieties that have been tested in the market for many years. They are good regardless of their yield and taste, such as cream strawberry, red face, sweet Charlie , Nvfeng, etc. At the same time, virus-free seedlings are currently popular in strawberry seedlings. We need to order strawberry seedlings from the seedling farm. We can listen to the opinions of the seedling farm. Professional virus-free strawberry seedlings have high yield, good appearance, and strong disease resistance. At the same time, buying seedlings directly can save yourself the time for seedlings. In addition, strawberry seedlings are generally used once a year, and degradation will occur if they are continuously cultivated.

2. Strawberry planting matters
2.1. Planting time

The planting time is from early September to early October. Ordinary ground planting needs to prepare the ground 25 days before planting, and apply 5,000 kg of high-quality decomposed organic fertilizer per acre, 100 kg to 150 kg of biological potash fertilizer, 30 cm deep, ridge height 10 cm to 15 cm, and ridge surface width 40 cm ~50 cm, ridge spacing 15 cm ~ 20 cm, north-south ridges, sunny, sterilization and insecticide for planting. If you use three-dimensional elevated planting, you only need to lay the organic matter in the cultivation tank. Generally, the organic matter can be used for several years with integrated water and fertilizer irrigation equipment.

2.2. The choice of greenhouse
Strawberry is a low-temperature planting crop, as long as the temperature inside the greenhouse is higher than four or five degrees above zero, it can be planted. At present, some agricultural parks like to use glass multi-span greenhouses for the cultivation of elevated strawberries, which has the effect of sightseeing and picking.
2.3. Temperature management during the bud to the first flowering period, the suitable temperature during the day is 20℃~30℃; during the harvest period, the temperature is above 8℃; the temperature in the shed during the day should be ventilated in time. Bottom wind.

2.4. Flowering period management The optimal temperature during the flowering period is 20℃~25℃ during the day, 5℃~6℃ at night, and the minimum temperature cannot be lower than 3℃; the optimum humidity in the shed during the flowering period is 50%~60%. If it is too large, timely ventilation should be required. Wet; no watering or spraying during the flowering period; no fertilization or spraying during the flowering period to prevent damage to the flowers; pollination by bees during the flowering period.

3. What is the yield of strawberries

The ripening period of strawberries is different, so one crop of strawberries should be picked in batches, usually every two or three days. The yield per mu of strawberries in one season depends on the variety, some are relatively high, up to 3 tons, and generally 1 ton. about. The above is the traditional planting mode. If the elevated strawberry planting method is used, the planting quantity will be about twice to three times that of the traditional planting, so the output will be correspondingly turned over.

Strawberry is a well-loved agricultural product. We growers need to regain confidence and actively resume production. At the same time, we also need to actively try online sales and surrounding group purchases to stop losses.
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