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How to adjust the humidity in the greenhouse
In order to allow the growth and development of crops in the greenhouse, it is necessary to strictly control the environmental humidity in the greenhouse, mainly adjusting the air humidity and soil humidity. Next, we will introduce how to adjust the humidity of the greenhouse.
1. Air humidity
  The purpose of air humidity regulation is to reduce the relative humidity of indoor air and reduce condensation on crop leaves. There are four ways to reduce air humidity in modern greenhouse production:
  (1) Ventilation
  Ventilation is a simple and effective way to adjust the humidity environment of a greenhouse. The humidity in the greenhouse is generally higher than that of the outdoors. The air with relatively low humidity is introduced through ventilation, which can dilute the indoor air.
  (2) heating
   Under certain indoor air humidity conditions, increasing the temperature of the greenhouse through heating can naturally reduce the relative humidity of the indoor air. If ventilation and heating can be combined, the relative humidity of indoor air can be effectively reduced.
  (3) Improve irrigation methods
   In the greenhouse, water-saving irrigation measures such as drip irrigation and micro-sprinkler irrigation can reduce ground water collection and significantly reduce ground evaporation, thereby reducing the relative humidity of the air. Similarly, the use of plastic film covering can also evaporate the ground water vapor.
   (4) moisture absorption
  The use of moisture-absorbing materials such as lithium oxide to absorb moisture in the air can reduce the moisture content in the air, thereby reducing the relative humidity of the air. In some cases, the greenhouse needs to be humidified to meet the needs of crop growth.
   2. Soil moisture adjustment
   For greenhouses, the purpose of soil moisture regulation is to meet the water demand of crops, so the amount of irrigation should be determined according to the water demand of different crops in different growth periods.
  Through the above introduction to the humidity adjustment of the greenhouse, we know that the humidity can be adjusted from the two aspects of air and soil, but you also need to pay attention to the above mentioned content during operation.
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