Multi-span Venlo glass greenhouse
Growing strawberries in a greenhouse
1. Control and regulation of temperature in greenhouse

The control of temperature in greenhouse should follow the principle of "high in early stage, low in late stage". In the early stage, the temperature was controlled at about 30 ℃ in the daytime and about 15C at night; During budding stage and flowering stage, the temperature was controlled at 25C in daytime and 10 ℃ at night; During the fruiting period and harvest period, the temperature was controlled at about 23C in the daytime and 7C at night. If there is continuous haze in the middle, we should pay attention to the measures of artificial heating.

2. Humidity control in greenhouse

At noon, the greenhouse needs ventilation; In case of snowy weather, greenhouse ventilation can be adopted at noon to remove moisture, and the depth of shed should be kept below 80%.

3. Treatment of mulching film and gibberellin

The black film is suitable for covering, which can increase temperature and decrease humidity. A small amount of gibberellin can be applied when strawberry plants produce two new leaves and budding stage to prevent the plants from entering dormancy. Usage and dosage of gibberellin:

The concentration was 5 ~ 10mg / L, 5ml / plant.

4. Water and fertilizer management during plant growth

After the plant growth is stable, pay attention to keep the soil matrix moist, pay attention not to water. The plants in fruiting and flowering stages need more nutrients, so topdressing can be applied properly. The usage and dosage of topdressing: n, P, K compound fertilizer 10kg / hm2, 0.4kg/plant; The fertilizer can be dissolved in water for irrigation.

5. Summary

Based on the growth habits of strawberry, it is very suitable for overwintering cultivation in greenhouse, effectively avoid the phenomenon of low temperature dormancy, improve the production efficiency of strawberry in greenhouse, so as to meet the market demand.
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