Polyethylene film greenhouse
The greenhouse for growing grapes

Different regions choose different types of greenhouses for planting grapes. The functions of greenhouses are generally ventilation, insect control and rain protection.


The advantages of growing grapes in greenhouses:

1. It can prevent rain and insects, and is conducive to the control of diseases and insect pests.

2. It can improve the environmental temperature, increase the grape market, and achieve better economic benefits.

3. It can improve grape quality and yield.


The right temperature for grapes

The minimum temperature for grape growth is about 12℃-15℃, the minimum ground temperature is about 10℃-13℃, the optimal temperature for flowering is about 20℃, and the optimal temperature for fruit expansion is 20℃-30℃.If the temperature difference between day and night is large, coloring and sugar content is better. After the spring buds of grapes. If the temperature rises quickly, it is easy to cause branches to grow, flowering easy fertilization poor, so pay attention to more phosphate fertilizer and high carbon organic matter, as far as possible to reduce nitrogen fertilizer.

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